Construction Services

Musanadah brings together an extensive construction expertise to focus on each project, with the objective to provide the ideal balance between cost, quality, time and scope that best suits its clients.

Through an efficient project management model, the client’s requirements are identified, a construction budget and feasibility studies are developed, concepts are designed, all preliminary and routine permits are arranged, project plans are drawn & implemented and management systems are put in place after completely fulfilling client requirements.

The whole construction process is divided into three phases:

1. Pre-construction phase

  • Understand the owner’s project concept and design needs to present to the Architect/designer.
  • Prepare a value/cost analysis to the owner.
  • Prepare a project budget and cost estimate.
  • Deliver the client a project package in coordination with the architect/engineer.
  • Identify and organize all parties’ responsibilities and work flow projections.
  • Prepare, assess and shortlist project contractors.
  • Support owner in obtaining all statutory project construction approvals.
  • Awarding of contracts.

2. Construction Phase

  • Present the owner the Project Scheduling.
  • Provide comprehensive on-site construction administration, supervision, and coordination.
  • Present the owner a monthly status progress report covering both Cost vs. Budget, Construction vs. schedule, change orders initiated by the owner.

3. Post-Construction Phase

  • Prepare project punch lists in advance of completion.
  • Assure that all safety programs are met and in place.
  • Schedule for inspections by the concerned government authorities.
  • Prepare and finalize for the owner all project as-built drawings from the architect/engineer and contractors.
  • Summarize and close accounting on construction contracts, recommending and approving the release of the project retainer fee.
  • Support the owner during the contractor warranty work as required during the warranty period.